Kim Olyslager (1996) is a painter and illustrator from the Netherlands.

Paintings born out of the fascination for nature and the world it’s in. The beauty of it. Landscapes, but also detailed elements from these surroundings itself. From an aesthetic point of view, looking at the skeleton of a dead leaf, the spores of a mushroom and an insect crawling by. The results of these elements are paintings of both the landscapes and the detailed work of elements out of these landscapes, such as fauna, flora and fungi.

On the other hand it is also about the things going on in the world that are the opposite of beauty. Billions of animals locked up in boxes – totally against nature, just for the purpose of consumption for the human beings. Not to mention human consumption in general and its polluting effect on the world. But also protests from people who are aware of the way we are slowly but surely neglecting the world, to spread this awareness.

The paintings are all centered around the theme of nature. Both as it should be and how man neglects nature. The huge contrast between the paintings of these two themes is what the paintings are about. Separately, but also together as one.